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    With Koukakis SA we worked from the ground up to create the Koukakis Group identity and help the business expand locally and internationally.

    We helped Daedalus team with their business plan, website and we sponsored their marketing materials.

    The people of Chania International Airport "I.Daskalogiannis" trusted us to deliver a web site for the Cretan airport.

    For the Mediterranean Fertility Center And Genetic Services we took over to create a web site and help the business to reach international customers.


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  • images   While conducting a User Interface evaluation there are many things the evaluators should check. The most important: 1. The user should recognize that he remains on the same website despite switching screens. (Consistency – Stable Layout) 2. The user should be informed about the system status. Either it's loading, either it is not responding the user should be informed somehow. 3. The website with a first look must inform the visitor about its content. We need a description about the website, so as to remind the user where and why he is here. 4. Provide Exits and an Undo function. A user should feel flexible and safe about his actions, while using the website. 5. Provide help documentation and information about the founders of the website. Some Other Major Rules: 1. Site Load-time should be Reasonable. 2. Site Has a Custom Not-found/404 Page, and we are sure it will “never” be shown. 3. The Website Logo Is Prominently Placed(usually top-left) and when a user clicks it he redirects to home page. 4. The website should help the user navigate. This should be done by showing him where he is (homepage\page1\page2), by descriptional URLs (, and by providing an easily identifiable navigation bar. 5. A website search box should be available and easy to use.   Visit iprovidenow and let us help you! We'll see how your visitors interract, and make them feel more comfortable while browsing your website and your services.
  • Do you want to keep getting traffic on your oldest posts, and make them seem search engine friendly? Customize your SEO with the following steps, so as to get better ranking and make your article rank better in search engines. (more…)
  • If you are involved with organic visits from Google for your business or your customers, the new algorithm announced by Matt Cutts, the "head" of Google, is what suits you! (more…)
  • heuristics_points2

      There are 3 ways of evaluating User Interfaces: • Heuristic Evaluation • Think Aloud Evaluation • Pluralistic Walkthrough Evaluation (more…)
  • πνευματικά δικαιώματα One of the most important parts of our job, is our photos, especially on the internet on which their use is needed, usually with the with accompanying text. However, the photographs circulating on the Internet may not be free, and you should not believe everything that exists free on the internet, is the ready solution. (more…)
  • politiki-asfaleias

    Privacy Policy   You should be very careful with the internet safety , and the motto is one. Do not trust anyone! (more…)
  • Time we spend on mobile services – Behind the numbers

    According to the latest news and the relevant researches, a dramatic change was found in the time people spend on mobile devices in the UK. This increase – one hour and 49 minutes of use per day, an increase of 600% in four years – is a driving force in the wider change of consumer’s behavior, with people in the UK spending more time in digital, rather than the simple television. (more…)

    Are you facing issues on managing your business’ Social Media Presence, due to limited time or lack of experience? can do it for you! Here are some reasons on why you should choose for the Social Media of your business:

    1) Logo / Timeline Cover Creation 2) Ideal Url (username) Creation 3) Information Add 4) Daily Content  (Targeted to your audience and goals) 5) Create HTML Pages 6) Applications Add / Management (δωσε παραδείγνατα) 7) Communicate with people 8) Likes and Interaction Increase 9) Insights Management 10) Refill page with new stuff 11) Link with other social networks 12) Boost visits to your website 13) Increase awareness of your business 14) Attract more customers
  • There are a lot of companies you visit every day, from a shop and a café, to a dentist or a gym. Have you ever faced the desire to comment on something that the company does well, or on something that a company fails into? If you think of the past years, you should clearly remember the complaint box, in which you could add a letter with your written complaints or suggestions. Since the internet broke into our lives, now we have the opportunity to give our online reviews for a company, by adding stars or comments at famous social media sites, such as Facebook, Google+ and Foursquare. But why should someone add a review for a company? Here are some reasons:

    1. It’s a free, fast and simple way to congratulate a business for their good job

    2. It’s the greatest way to find the best companies near you (check Foursquare)

    3. A great amount of positive online reviews, makes the company reliable

    4. It’s the easiest way to promote or suggest a company to the world


    Here are the steps on how you can rate or leave a review at Facebook, Google+ and Foursquare:

    Facebook – Give 5 Stars at the “Reviews” Tab, and add your opinionC:\Users\PLAISIO\Desktop\review now.JPG


    Google+ Local - Give 5 Stars and write a review at the “Reviews” tabC:\Users\PLAISIO\Desktop\review now.JPG

    Foursquare – Click the “heart” button to improve the average points of the companyC:\Users\PLAISIO\Desktop\review now.JPG

  • Are you facing translation issues with your work, your studies or with that one contract written in some strange language? Do you hold any files about legal procedures, contracts and technical terms that you need to read and translate carefully but you lack the time or expertise? Are you in the need of finding new markets by getting in contact and familiarizing with other countries but you are stuck cause you feel like you need to know a great bunch of languages? We can help. (more…)
  • George Giakoumis made his internship at iprovidenow, and says: 
    Working for a start-up is an excellent and totally new experience for a post-graduate student like me. I am working at iprovidenow with the clever and very meaningful motto: «Your business. To the next level. Our business. » (more…)
  • Οι θέσεις για τις οποίες μπορείτε να εκδηλώσετε ενδιαφέρον για την πρακτική σας είναι: Adwords Analytics Specialist, Architectural Eng - Int. Designer, Back-end Developer, Business Analyst, Front-end developer, Graphic Designer, Legal Advisor, Maritime Studies, Marketing, Mobile Developer, UI UX designer, Web Designer. Μπορείτε να δείτε περισσότερες πληροφορίες παρακάτω. (more…)
  • Θέλετε να απαλλαγείτε από τα υπερβολικά μεγάλα κοστολόγια δημοσίευσης του ισολογισμού σας σε εφημερίδες;   Η iprovidenow με αφορμή τον πρόσφατο νόμο σας προτείνει να κάνετε τη δημοσίευση φέτος ηλεκτρονικά, ώστε να κάνετε τη διαφορά ανάμεσα στους ανταγωνιστές σας, χάρη στην ποιοτική παρουσία σας στο διαδίκτυο. Σύμφωνα με το νόμο 4072 ΦΕΚ (Α/86/11-4-2012) καταργήθηκε η υποχρέωση δημοσίευσης των ισολογισμών (Α.Ε., Ε.Π.Ε., Ι.Κ.Ε.) σε πολιτικές και οικονομικές εφημερίδες, ενώ δόθηκε η δυνατότητα ανάρτησης των πράξεων στο διαδίκτυο. (more…)
  • The first e-Marketing Conference in Crete becomes a reality at 8th and 9th of Nov, 2013! iprovidenow Ltd is joining! Hope we meet you all there!

  • We are proud to announce that Dr. Ioannis Giakoumakis our Obstetrician Gynecologist and iprovidenow Ltd which specializes in Branding, International Trade Networking & Consulting services will participate in the 2nd IVF Worldwide Live Congress: In Vitro Fertilization Clinics Growing in the Digital Age, that will take place from October 31 through November 2, 2013 in Berlin, Germany. (more…)

  • 21 October, 2013
    Yesterday we were more than pleased to be invited to the traditional products exhibition that took place into the hall of Agia, a small but yet very famous village near Chania that is visited by many tourists every year! (more…)
  • Press Release We are happy to inform you that iprovidenow is selected to take part in webit CONGRESS with full access - media pass! (more…)
  • Intership program in UK and Greece announced. Interested? (more…)
  • On last Tuesday, April 17th, the Daedalus team presented its project thus far at the Chania Chamber of Commerce. (more…)
  • 26 November, 2012
    Last Saturday the 3rd OpenCoffee@Chania took place, organized by the local Chania Devs team. Since the track record of this event has been excellent (though small), me and Ioannis decided to attend it as well. (more…)
  • 24 October, 2012
    It is with great joy that I inform you today our proposal of the Daedalus Balloon project got accepted (more…)
  • 07 October, 2012
    Iprovidenow is a few months old. We are working enthusiastically on several projects and amongst them is our company. We felt that it would be better to prove ourselves through our work rather than our initial image. (more…)